A fresh approach to slavery reparations™

Transforming the Lives of Middle Passage Descendants™*

through Nutrition, Education and Love.

*aka “African Americans” or “Black People”, however we believe these terms to be inaccurate as they cloud the knowledge of our heritage.


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A Fresh Solution. A Fresh Start.™ 

It’s Time We Healed Ourselves


Reestablishing our heritage, we lift one another through collective innovation and enterprise. As the world has benefited from our untold contributions and free labor in the past, may it also benefit from our ability to fund and control our own initiatives.


Freedom /ˈfrēdəm/:

The power or right to act, speak, and think without restraint or hindrance

Should we as Middle Passage Descendants™ expect reparations to flow from an economic system that was developed on the backs of our ancestors? For reparations to have lasting value, that system must turn and embrace a functional righteousness. Left unchanged, it will only give then collect what it has given. Knowing this, should we beg for righteous systems that we ourselves can create? 



Our Initiatives

1. Self Funding

The ability to exercise self determination depends on how much we believe we are worthy of our own love. Our commitment reveals what matters. Discover how Igrokingdom funds self determination. Learn More


2. George Washington Carver College of Urban                        Agriculture and Cellular Dietetics

GWC College™ is established to become the preeminent authority for disease prevention and restorative health best practices in Middle Passage Descendant communities. Learn More

3. Urban Agri Parks

Located in Middle Passage Communities, Urban Agri Parks support the physical and mental health of Middle Passage Descendants, while growing the most nutritionally-dense, non-GMO organic produce on the planet. We believe our Journey of Remembrance begins here. Learn More


4. Produce Kitchens

Produce Kitchens expand and stabilize Igrokingdom’s healing process. Learn More

5. Energy is Currency

Citizens who live in Middle Passage urban and rural communities and meet income-based eligibility guidelines will qualify for the Energy is Currency initiative.  Parents who complete their prenatal life systems certification automatically qualify. Learn More


6. Prenatal Life Systems

Cellular malnutrition is a major contributor to high infant mortality rates found in Middle Passage Descendant communities. Because we know how to correct this, we are morally obligated to do so. Learn More


7. Rural Agri Parks

Established in rural communities, Rural Agri Parks supply Produce Kitchens with fresh organic produce daily while selling into the broader marketplace.  Learn more


8. The Journey of Rememberance Center

 Journey of Remembrance Centers are located in every Urban Agri Park. Learn More


We can shape the future because faithfulness is within our control. Through it small things become great.

– D. G. Black