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Empowering Black Urban Families

through Nutrition, Education and Love.

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Our Purpose

Empowering Urban Black Families with Sustainable Systems that Grow.

Making Nutrition the Heart of Our Community

Agriculture is the foundation that reestablishes our communities. It is the root of our physical health, mental clarity and collective economic empowerment. Upon it, we cultivate the new champions and healers of our community: Urban Agricultural Scientists and Cellular Dietitians.

They are our urban black youth, once overlooked and underappreciated they now help develop and manage innovative Urban Agri Parks™. In these parks, we grow the most nutritionally dense, non-GMO organic produce on the planet, while teaching the importance of its proper preparation and consumption.

Our target is to prevent and reverse the onset of disease in our population while reducing our infant mortality rate by 90%. We establish Produce Kitchens™ throughout our community, most notable our urban food deserts, while selling into local commercial and retail food markets. Our service makes access to organic food more affordable because 33 to 60% of food cost is derived from its packaging and transportation.

Igrokingdom’s Urban Agri Parks serve, as our community’s economic, educational and diplomatic center, attracting those of like mind who wish to grow with us.

What We Do

 Our Core Initiatives



Igrokingdom is funded through our commitment to give change for change. For example, when 72,000 supporting influencers each contribute $5.95 monthly, our monthly contribution rate is $428,400. That’s $5,140,800 annually. This is where we start. Our commitment proves what matters!

The benefit of energy stored in the currency we give to support Igrokingdom is its ability to multiply when planted in our Agri Parks.



Urban Agri Parks (UAP)™ operate as Igrokingdom’s hub, growing a variety of produce in Controlled Environment Agriculture Structures, i.e. (indoor vertical farms using hydroponic and aeroponic technology.) They give residents easy year-round access to nutritionally dense, non-GMO, organic produce. Our parks create a healing environment in urban black communities.

Produce Kitchens™ are designed into every UAP. They sell delicious smoothies, healthy creative meals and fresh produce harvested daily. The Igrokingdom™ mobile app may be downloaded to show each visitor the life giving value of their purchase, while teaching the health benefits of nutrients contained in every vegetable, fruit and herb under cultivation.


George Washington Carver Institute of Urban Agriculture

The George Washington Carver Institute of Urban Agriculture™ employs professionals in the field of Controlled Environment Agriculture. They develop and teach a comprehensive curriculum in this discipline.

Urban black youth from economically suppressed neighborhoods are recruited and awarded scholarships by the institute. Upon completion of their studies, students will have earned their certification in the field of Controlled Environment Agriculture.

The graduates of GWC Institute™ are employed by Igrokingdom TM. They are our community’s champions, ensuring the successful management of Igrokingdom’s™ Agri Parks™ and Produce Kitchens™.

  When a Community Loves Itself, It Lifts Itself.